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death to modernpoverty [07 Mar 2003|07:22pm]
I'm'a'gonna grab all these entries out of the nether regions and then shut this fucker down. Anybody who wants to read the new journal, send me an email, drop me a comment, whatever, and I'll bump you over.

god, a nickname sure can get old.
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weirdly [06 Mar 2003|07:56pm]
You should be an Aries! Aries are Adventurous and
energetic, Pioneering and courageous,
Enthusiastic and confident, and Dynamic and
quick-witted. On the off-side aries are Selfish
and quick-tempered, Impulsive and impatient,
and Foolhardy and daredevil

Which Zodiac Sign Should You Be?
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that's even my actual sign. strange. how'd the rest of yous do?
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my computer doesn't like me [05 Mar 2003|12:17pm]
it told me so this morning when I tried to open Netscape. Nope! We no letta you open da netscape! This is on top of its refusal to play the microsoft excel game last week. I have tried the deletion of preference files, restarting, and flinging foul names upon this machine. None have worked. Being that Explorer will not allow me to save any cookies, I am about to give you and only access the interweb with my cranium mounted satellite dish.

Today feels better than yesterday, fortunately. Stan and I went to Target and looked at the toys while he explained to me the secret job names at that same establishement. We went to 43 restaurants trying to find one that was open. We found only the falafel place that serves (mmmmm) glarlic (sic) bread. We tried to eat big pieces of bakalava. We went to a bar and looked around and left again. We went home and watched the discovery channel. It was a straight edge big night out!

I have been neglecting you, my livejournal peeps. It won't happen again.
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[27 Feb 2003|01:26am]
jesus a. h. c. need something else to wile away your days? Yeah, I gotcher wiling away. friendster.com has me in its clutches and won't. let. go. leave your address in my comments if you want to be sucked in like a fucking hoover. if they bought some more server space and shit loaded faster, I could literally sit there for hours fucking off and accomplishing absolutely nothing.
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I'm so tired/I haven't slept a wink [22 Feb 2003|02:04pm]
Actually, I have slept a little. It was more akin to passing out and the cat kept wanting love so it didn't go quite as well as planned. My hangover hangs over and my eyes are a little bleary. Usually I drinkfor recreation. Last night I drank for escapism. You really do forget things after enough whiskey, and not just who you made out with, a common problem from last week.

Darren is still in the intensive care unit. It will be two weeks on Sunday. Two surgeries, one to sew his battered liver together and one to suck old nasty blood out of the sack around his heart. His lungs hold a staph infection and his temperature is 103. The stuff they brought out of his lungs with the suction thing was tar and blood and pus, black nastiness which he coughed and sputtered up. His eyes are awake and alert and we made jokes about male nurses and blow jobs, but the tube to his lungs and the food tube in his nose make him unable to speak. I decrypt his movements of one hand, two feeet, two eyes, and scabbed lips to help him feel more comfortable. He gets irritated sometimes as my lip reading skills are nil and I often bump into the bed.

His family says that he remains aware far longer when I am there than when I am not. This makes me feel bad and good together. I hope he does not fall in love with me for the 19th time when he gets out as I will obviously have to take care of him for some time. I told hiim I would get a hottie nurse outfit. He was pleased.

We went to find the scene of the accident last night. He must have lost it on a hard s curve in the rain and on railroad tracks. He rode the scoot up the curb ramp and into a small tree, thumb to forefinger thick. The tree and scooter stopped there but he flew into the lane of oncoming traffic where he was either hit by a car or totally run over. I would imagine the latter b/c of his extensive injuries. Then whoever it was just took off, leaving his limp and soggy body until a pedestrian saw it two hours later. I can't even imagine the pain he must have felt lying in the street.

As many times as I've wanted to kick his ass to outer space, I can't possibly tell you how much I want him to get better.

The doctors say he shouldn't ride again after all this spinal damage. As if that is even vaguely conceivable. 20 years riding, never owning a car...I guess I have to wait and see what he thinks when he can speak again.
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))))))vaguely proud(((((( [07 Feb 2003|09:59am]
congrats! you are the worst fucking indie fuck that
can ever fucking exist. you are not only better
then everyone but arent afraid to show it. your
taste is perfection and you are loved.

what type of indie fuck are you?
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lots to tell, but tons of work on the bike is awaiting me. more tomorrow or something.
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[05 Feb 2003|05:32am]
there are strange things in my nostrils, on my face, under my fingernails. the bike is coming well and the dropbars are almost installed. The stuff in my nose is weird. You (well, I, actually) have to sorta scrape it out with a fingernail which are of course already filled with schmutz. Engine goes under the hammer tomorrow and I'll post pics when finished. Not that it looks any different from before, but fresh flat black makes the world go around, right?
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[17 Jan 2003|06:24pm]
mouth tastes a wee bit foul, thanks to the hugoriffic cheese steak I consumed for lunch. I packed my bags and left the house with Boston Big Hands Stan and soon we will be off to the scooterisms in Chapel Hill. freeze Your Balls/Boobs off indeed. It's fucking cold out there. I'm staying with the truck, methinks.
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[02 Jan 2003|01:44am]
survived a 10 day road trip with stafford, if only barely. work almost seems like a vacation in comparision.

details to follow.

jami, I miss my pillow. I'll text you my addy in a bit.
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[16 Dec 2002|07:34pm]
Somebody on the BBS just mentioned that they listen to Madonna, Billy Joel (the GOOD shit, not that river of dreams nonsense), and...wait for it...Leonard Cohen. That's like eating raw eggs and dog urine mixed with chocolate chips. I won't mention which one is which.
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twilight zone! [11 Dec 2002|01:23pm]
So it turns out that Mary Hansen from Stereolab got hit by a car on her bike and died from the accident. Somehow I am weirded out that I put on a stereolab record last night when vaguely searching for another elpee that I just plain couldn't find. Sadly it wasn't one of the better records, but c'est la vie.
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[09 Dec 2002|05:56pm]
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[03 Dec 2002|07:48pm]
is this thing on?
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[03 Dec 2002|07:47pm]
is this thing on?
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[22 Nov 2002|03:01pm]
update: for those of you richmonders bored with your general existence, The Metropolitan is playing at 929 tonite at 8:30. the time has been published at about 239 different hours so I just wanted to clear everything up. come out and watch thejam get his rock on. bring a flask b/c the bartenders there suckass. Or just do shots at Ipanema, whatever.
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[22 Nov 2002|01:13pm]
I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen. Nothing is scheduled, however, for the happening. Please let me know when something (if anything) happens. ever. thanks.
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no sleep til brooklyn [20 Nov 2002|01:20pm]
Last night, my eyes closed in a sleep-like manner for approx. 3 hours, 2am-5am. I woke up at 5am with a start, hoping it was 8am instead. Obviously Time Was Not On My Side. I did not fall asleep again.

The night before last, I laid down at 11pm and laid there all night, never sleeping at all. I was feeling rather blank from an incident earlier in the day, so it was awfully nice to lay there away and not worry for 10 straight hours, like the usual. I looked at the leaves.

The leaves are gone now, I think.

In conclusion: I'm awfully tired. I would like to go to sleep. I went to the Doc today and he offered to give me some sleeping pills and then I forgot to retrieve the prescription in the long run. kellianne sez I should get some St John's Wort and let it work some magic, which I will prolly do. For now I must just hope that exhaustion will take over at some point and I will get over the 5am hump.

Usually when I am where I am now, I sleep all the time, not not at all. This is unusual and I suppose I should get some paperwork done to take advantage of it.

Today I will listen to the Beach Boys' "Darlin'" approx. 342 times as it may be the best song ever.
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[18 Nov 2002|06:04pm]
I'm guessing from the frequency of not being able to load livejournal to perusal you all's lives being UP from the frequency of being able to perusal that I should prolly take some nickels offa the floor of my car and get a paid membership again. It's unfortunate, I forgot how spoiled it made you...
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[15 Nov 2002|07:28pm]
you know, I jus' read all the junks that metalhedwig referred his peeps to as example of Quality Livejournal Outings of Late, and I got to feeling all challenged. Therefore I would like to have it known that I will be writing an Epic of Epic Proportions very soon, and it will probably be about puking, if that's an ok topic.
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[15 Nov 2002|01:22pm]
it feels like someone has stuck a large needle into my left temple.

UPDATE: Now they are wiggling it around.
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